We understand
that capital preservation
is a dynamic and
vigilant activity

WAM distinguishes itself from the traditional world of asset management by thinking like an owner. This stems from Edward Whitley’s own experience of managing the proceeds of the sale of his shareholding in Greenall Whitley. This capital had been accumulated over several generations and the management of this capital by Edward, over ten years between 1990 and 2000, formed the backbone to the investment philosophy which defines WAM.

Within the WAM team we thoroughly understand that our clients’ capital is irreplaceable. We appreciate the responsibility of safeguarding capital for future generations and the pressure this brings. We understand the pain of seeing capital lose value and we understand that capital preservation is a dynamic and vigilant activity.

The prime distinction which we draw between our approach and that of many traditional financial institutions is that we are privately owned and impartial. The debacle within the traditional investment management industry, where client management has been compromised by internal conflicts of interest and poor service and performance exposed, has led many clients to seek experienced and independent asset managers.

Since WAM is impartial as to where any investment is made, the team focuses entirely upon investment strategy, performance and our service to our clients.

WAM has no inducements to place funds in any particular investment. Our remuneration is transparent with no hidden incentive structures. Accordingly WAM is not compromised by offering in-house funds or financial products which might have higher fees than others.

Finally, at the simplest level, WAM negotiates fees on our clients’ behalf down to highly competitive levels.