I can't tell you how happy we are to be taken on by WAM.  I had lost hope that I would find a place to go that was founded on values and principles where I could whole-heartedly feel at home.  I understand that the financial world is full of ups and downs, but to be looked after and guided through the uncertainties by you and the team feels, to me, as good as it can get.

WAM takes responsibility for devising, implementing and monitoring an appropriate investment strategy for our clients.

As our individual clients’ needs evolve, and investment markets change, this service requires constant vigilance.

In order to fulfil our responsibility, WAM follows the following process:


  • We listen with great care to our clients;­
  • We draw up an investment strategy for each client;
  • We agree the investment strategy with the client;
  • We implement the investment strategy;
  • We continuously reappraise the investment strategy;
  • We seek the most appropriate investments across global markets;
  • We monitor their performance.


  • We provide a single point of contact for the client;
  • We carry out all trade and cash statement reconciliations for clients;
  • We provide bespoke reports for each client;
  • We liaise with our clients’ other professional advisors such as banks, accountants, tax advisors and lawyers.

WAM offers this specialist investment management service to clients on either an Advisory or a Discretionary basis.